Military and Navy


In the early 2000’s the fighters of Ard Chreag were known as the Cliffguard. This was part of the canton persona.

Yeomen of the White Arrow

In the early 2000’s those involved in archery and thrown weapons were known as the Yeomen of the White Arrow. This was part of the canton persona.

The Red Arrow

From a missive dated around 2006:

Greetings unto the glorious inhabitants of the cliffs, quays, rivers and inlets of the Canton of Ardchreag, from Colyne Stewart, captain,

As you awoke this morning you may have heard the sounds of construction floating up from the shoreline. Some of you, walking down to the docks at the Rouge Port, may have seen the hull of a frigate rising on the sand.

To patrol the waters of Mare Ontarium, to protect the people of Ardchreag, Septentria, and the kingdom at large, construction of Ardchreag’s first naval vessel is underway. This ship is to be called the Red Arrow, which, as some of you may know, was the name of Ardchreag’s chronicle before it became the TankArd.

I am currently endeavouring to procure a letter of marque for this vessel, and will soon be posting notices for positions on the Red Arrow’s crew. With luck the Red Arrow will be launched within a month or two, and can begin to hunt down those notorious pirates, the Cap’ns Widow and Bloodfox.

I wish all of you a most glorious day,


The archives of Ard Chreag contain the following letter of marque for the Red Arrow, though whether it was ever actually signed has been lost to history.

The Baron and Baroness of Septentria to all and singular Admirals &c., Greeting. Know ye that we have granted and given to our well-beloved Colyne Stewart, master of a certain ship called the Red Arrow, liberty to equip in the port of the Canton of Ardchreag, at his own charges, the aforesaid ship with as many mariners, men-at-arms, and bowmen as shall be necessary for its navigation and defence at sea against our enemies, whosoever they may be, and for subduing, capturing, and destroying the same; and liberty to set forth with the same ship, so equipped, upon the sea for the purpose aforesaid. And by these presents we straitly command all and singular, sheriffs, mayors, bailiffs, keepers of ports of the sea, officers, and all our lieges whatsoever, as well within liberties as without, that, as often as they are called upon by Colyne on our behalf, they be obedient and attentive, as beseems them. And we will that whatsoever he, Colyne, succeed in winning, gaining, and having by capture from our enemies aforesaid, he may have and keep for his own proper use, without claim or hindrance by or from us, or our heirs or ministers, or the ministers of any our heirs whatsoever. Provided always that under colour of this licence he, Colyne, his mariners, men-at-arms, and bowmen aforesaid, neither do nor permit to be done any violence, hindrance, or hurt to any who are in friendship with us.