Snowed Inn 2003. Photo courtesy tworavens.org

Over the years many legends have grown in the Canton of Ard Chreag (also known as the High Cliffs).

In the original days of Ard Chreag the canton’s unofficial mascot was a certain comic book Aardvark.

The canton used to have an email list called the Great Bonfire.

St. Crispinus is the patron saint of Ard Chreag.

The Green Bison vomits in the woods.

The High Cliffs are home to flying turtles.

Did you know the canton once had its own persona?

A few guilds call Ard Chreag home.

The canton has its own military and navy

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The Key of Ard Chreag. This key was passed from seneschal to seneschal until it was lost. Photo courtesy Todd Fischer.