Scroll of Honour, 2003-08-14


The Scroll of Honour is a record of worthy deeds of the people and friends of Ealdormere. Such worthy deeds may include, but not be restricted to, the receipt of any Kingdom awards. The names of those accomplishing such worthy deeds shall be entered fittingly on the Scroll of Honour at the discretion of the Crown. [Source: Ealdormere website]

Ard Chreag was placed on the Scroll of Honour by King Edouard and Queen Genevieve for assisting Master Hector of the Black Height put together print copies of his poetic work The Rede of Gersholm.

Order of the Bear’s Heart, 2002-06-29


The Order of the Bear’s Heart is given to gentles for their extraordinary dedication and service to Septentria. The kind of service is not prescribed, merely that the service be long-standing and of significant import to the Barony…When Cantons and Households receive a Bears Heart, they are normally presented with a banner to display rather than a pewter tokens. [Source: Septentria website]


Order of the Friends of the Hare, 2004-04-04

This award is the equivalent of the Order of the Hare Salient, but is given to people from outside the Barony of Skraeling Althing or to people who are leaving the Barony to move elsewhere. [Source: Skraeling Althing website]

Ard Chreag was inducted into this order for our ‘Scrolls for Skraels‘ initiative.

Award of the Broken Arrow

In the mid-2000’s Ard Chreag would award a broken arrow at the canton twelfth night to whomever had experienced the most embarrassing moment in the year recently concluded. Contenders for the award had to nominate themselves.