Ardchreag, my home

Laird Colyne Stewart, Jan AS XL (2006)

For many a year I’ve lived on the Cliffs
In Ardchreag I roam
In this land of emerald and argent
I have made my home

I’ve toiled with the woodward in the flora
And worn the Cliffguard horn
I’ve bent a bow with the yeomen
To defend where I was born

I’ve sailed in the Red Arrow
As a sailor and marine
I’ve fought down at Pennsic
My blood is white and green

I’ve ridden with the cavalry
Charging ‘cross the glen
I’ve even been a pirate
Without the Widow’s ken

I’ve lived in the bogs and the forests
In the hills and in the dales
In the border forts I’ve lingered
Drinking local ales

I’ve done the holy pilgrimage
To all of Crispy’s shrines
I’ve drunk with the green bison
And seen the turtles flyin’

I have been to foreign lands
To the south and to the east
They all have their glamour, lured
Their traditions and their feasts

But for the cliffs of white and red
Where tall trees grow so green
My heart calls out, my soul it yearns
For Ardchreag my home

Ardchreag the emerald land
The arrows are my heart
Ardchreag, the cliffs so grand
The arrows are my hear

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