The Flying Turtles of Ardchreag (Please Girls Completely)

By Thorfinna gra’feldr MKA Melanie Fischer Ó May 30th, 2002

Sung to the tune of The Log Driver’s Waltz


Should you ask any gentle from the High Cliffs around

What the funny round shapes in the sky with the wings are

They’re likely to tell you without much surprise

You’ve probably seen our winged turtles



For they go soaring high above the white flowers

That’s where the Ardchreag turtles like flying

O soaring high above the white flowers

In the land of the High Cliffs the turtles fly fleetly


Many a land lays claim to a beast

To lead them in war time as champions in battle

A bear and a boar a hare and still more

But none are as fine as winged turtles




A coach may be grand to travel the land

Or you might like a wagon that’s pulled by a donkey

A horse is quite fine but its bound to the earth

And I’d rather fly on winged turtles




If you happen to see lots of Chreaggers about

With their hands on their foreheads, their fingers a wigglin’

You may find it strange to be greeted this way

But that’s just the way of winged turtles



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